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Gain Weight and get an Hourglass Figure

Gain Weight and get an Hourglass Figure

There are thousands of resources to help you lose weight but very few to help women gain weight.  Skinny women are often fed platitudes like “you won’t always be thin” and “count your blessings”.  Skinny isn’t always a blessing and for those women trying to change that there are some things you can do help you gain weight.  You can be sexy and curvy without gaining unwanted fat at the same time.  Here is how you can gain weight and get an hourglass figure.

Don’t be Afraid of the Weight Room

There are a bunch of reasons that women don’t go into the weight room, they are under the misconception that they will somehow end up looking masculine.  Don’t be afraid of trying lift heavier weights either, the idea that heavy weight will make you big  and muscle bound is a big misconception.  You need to push your body past your comfort zone if you want to gain weight.

Women don’t have enough testosterone to gain that much muscle that quickly.  The female bodybuilders who have large amounts of muscle have generally used a combo of heavy training, testosterone supplements and other drugs.  You do not get that type of body by accident or by doing a couple of sets of heavy weights.  Mix your workout up with some lighter weight too and improve your overall fitness.

Use Compound Exercises

Don’t waste your time with exercises that only use one muscle group at a time.  These are things like bicep curls and leg extensions.  If you want that hourglass figure the best way to get it is to use multiple muscles in the same exercise.  Think of doing bicep curls while you do squats.  You can improve your overall shape quickly and effectively this way.

Eat More

Your success in putting on weight will depend on your diet and nutrition plan.  You can’t be afraid of calories if you want to change the shape and composition of your body.  You will need to take in more calories than you burn if you want to put on weight and you can do that without eating unhealthy foods.

If you’re already too thin then your metabolism is already working overtime and you need to compensate for that by increasing your calories.  Without the right amount of calories in your diet your muscles won’t get the right amount of protein needed to grow.  That means you will continually struggling to gain weight.

Follow these simple tips and you will have the body you want in no time at all.